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We’re getting close. Aren’t we? It’s mid-April, and since the end of March, we’ve been gearing up for the first of May. Does that sound a bit convoluted? Perhaps, if you hadn’t been living in our world for the last two months. But, you get it. We’ve been in a lockdown for nearly a month, and have been told that, with any luck, we’d be back in business by the time May rolled around. Well, as April moved into its second week, that idea seemed more like a fairy tale. As the number of US deaths from Covid-19 reached 2000 per day, with seemingly healthy portions of the country waiting for their “surge”, with the recommendation to wear masks everywhere we go…..the idea that we could simply get bac


Along with my work as a voice over actor, I’m also a full-time musician, performing shows and hosting events regularly in and around central Ohio. While I just quit my day job three years ago to pursue my creative pursuits full-time, I’ve been involved in the music scene for several years. I perform shows mostly on weekends, retirement homes throughout the week, and host an open MIC every Monday. In February, the COVID-19 virus arrived in the US, starting in Washington and, slowly spreading from there. We didn’t understand it at first. Some scoffed at the notion that a “cold” was being taken so seriously. It was a remote problem, something that would work itself out. The rest of the world co

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