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January 2019 Showdates

Here's my schedule for the first month of the year! Note the break the second weekend of the month...I'll be in Florida on a rare vacation, so things will be quiet for several days. But the rest of the month is pretty jam packed, including a few retirement home shows. JAN4 Rick Barr LIVE at Wyandotte Winery! Fri 7 PM · Wyandotte Winery · Columbus JAN5 Soul Revival Sat 8 PM · The Point on Main Street · Columbus JAN6 Rick Barr LIVE at Hidden Lakes Winery! Sun 2 PM · Hidden Lakes Winery · Canal Winchester JAN7 MIC Night at Stadz Pizzeria with Rick Barr and Friends! Mon 6 PM · Stadz Pizzeria · Blacklick JAN14 MIC Night at Stadz Pizzeria with Rick Barr and Friends! Mon 6 PM · Stadz Pizzeria · Bla

Facebook Lies, and We Like It

Facebook's Privacy Wall So, here we are. Each month, it seems, we learn more about how our personal data and privacy is being used against us. When we found out about Cambridge Analytica's relationship with Facebook, and how they were improperly building tools to aid in Donald Trump's election, that was big news. Shocking, right? You may have felt uncomfortable about the notion that you were possibly a pawn in an effort to manipulate the voting process. Maybe. The thing is, even if you did feel uncomfortable, you either moved on to the next news story, or made a post about it, or forwarded a meme. The specifics don't matter, the important thing is that you didn't delete Facebook. Did you? Na

Baby, it's Changing Outside

That song.....that silly, classic song, 'Baby, It's Cold Outside,' which was written by Frank Loesser in 1944, has been making headlines the past couple weeks. While it's been recorded by many artists over the decades, the most revered is Dean Martin's take in 1959. It's a classic, and while it's not even technically a Christmas song, it's always been associated with the holidays. Someone, somewhere, decided to suddenly associate this song with the #MeToo movement, claiming the song is essentially about a guy trying to take advantage of a girl by slipping something into her drink. I won't get into the specifics of the lyrics, or opine on my own interpretation, but it is worth noting that

Tech & Entertainment

Beware of Tech Money In Entertainment Here's an interesting take on the ever-evolving entertainment industry, particularly content streaming. It poses not one, but several rather big questions, and there's no easy answer. Anyone over the age of, say, 35, has seen the death or severe decline of vinyl (and its moderate resurgence), cassette tapes, VHS, and more recently, DVDs. Our ecosystem has experienced a gigantic sea change in how we consume content. And yet... it's messy out there. If you leave your cable company in order to save money, you'd better have fairly modest requirements. There's not one single service that offers a complete replacement for cable. As a sports fan, I had a p

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