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portrait art

Drawing was my first "love" in terms of creativity. I wanted to be an artist when I grew up before I ever plucked a guitar string.


I attended Fort Hayes in Columbus, Ohio, and took part in their Commercial Art program for two years. From there, I attended the School of Advertising Art in Kettering, Ohio for a brief time.


Typography and layouts always fascinated me but these days, I'm content to use my graphite and colored pencils as my expressive outlet. While the majority of requests are for portraits of loved ones, I can also do book illustrations, landscapes, still life, and many other types of drawings.

I've had some fun with monochromatic pieces, picking just one color to use on an entire portrait, utilizing contrast and shading to a larger degree than I normally would with a full-color piece. 

If you're looking for a book illustration, greeting card, or if you'd like a realistic drawing of a loved one, be it relative or pet, or have something else in mind, let me know what you'd like done. See the examples of my work above. 

The Eye Test.jpg

Pricing varies for each commission but generally, an 8x10" black & white portrait will be $220, while an 8x10" color will be $300.  Please contact me directly for a quote!

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