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Audiobooks: Narrators, Authors and the Process

Read: The Harmonious Bond Between Authors And Audiobook Narrators This is a really interesting article about the relationship that can (sometimes) be present between narrators and authors when creating audio books. While I'm certainly still in the beginning stages of this career, coming up on two years, I've already experienced quite a wide variety of partnerships. One publisher simply assigns books to you. There's no audition, and never any contact with the author. You simply prep the book yourself, and interpret the best you can. You send the files, they get processed, and that's it. Most of the time, there are auditions you can participate in. Usually, anywhere from three to five minutes

February 2019 Showdates

Here's my schedule for February. As I'd promised myself at the beginning of the year, I am scheduling a tiny bit lighter. I might like to add one more show, but otherwise this is going to be a fun month! FEB1 Rick Barr LIVE at Kindred! Fri 7 PM · Kindred · Columbus FEB2 Rick Barr LIVE at Brewery 33! Sat 4 PM · Brewery 33 Hocking Hills, LLC · Logan FEB4 MIC Night at Stadz Pizzeria with Rick Barr and Friends! Mon 6 PM · Stadz Pizzeria · Blacklick FEB8 Rick Barr LIVE at Leap N Lizard's! Fri 7 PM · Leap-N-Lizard's · Hilliard FEB10 Rick Barr LIVE at Hidden Lakes Winery! Sun 2 PM · Hidden Lakes Winery · Canal Winchester FEB11 MIC Night at Stadz Pizzeria with Rick Barr and Friends! Mon 6 PM · Stadz

Big Bird Retires, 2019 Gets Busy & More

Big Bird Retires! This is a short, but pretty interesting article about the voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. At least, if you grew up watching Sesame Street, which I did. It's amazing, and rare, to find people who have had the opportunity to be the voice of a character for multiple generations. James Earl Jones is another who continues to do occasional work as Darth Vader, and has provided his pipes for the new Lion King movie out this spring. While I don't have anything like that on the horizon, I did secure three new audio book deals that will keep me busy through February. They're romance titles, so my pseudonym will handle the production of them. The one I'm currently working on i

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