graphic design

For quick flyers and social media banners, or more complex designs and branding, feel free to contact me with your specific needs.

For Musicians:

Tell me what you need, and I'll find the best resources to meet your budget, timeline, and marketing goals.

  • Band Flyers

  • Social Media Banners & Ads

  •  Album Covers & CD Case Inserts

  • Event Packages & Advertising

  • Media and/or Booking Kits

  • Merchandise

  • Websites

For Venues:

Your design and marketing needs are a little different these days, but you still want quality branding and advertising that will target your market and drive customer interest. But you need all of these things on a budget.

  • In-house & Takeout Menus

  • Catering and/or party planning brochures

  • Websites with online ordering capabilities

  • Event-specific graphics like coordinated social media banners, flyers, tabletop tents, and posters

  • Daily specials flyers or displays

  • Customizable Templates so you pay for the "design" once and then make your text changes whenever needed.

  • Whatever else you need to keep your business front and center in your customer's mind.

Musician Event Ads
  • Eye-catching graphics for use on social media as well as coordinating flyers.

  • $10 per finished piece, and just $15 to create both a banner and flyer using the same artwork & promotion details (event).​

Design Specials

Business Card: $25

Album Covers: $60

Starter Website: $200

Social Media Branding: $50


All other projects: $60/hr. 

billed in 1-minute increments, with a 15-minute minimum per project.