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NEW MUSIC! Ode to Odessa

Music promotes community, drives our spirits, and celebrates the nuances of life. It is the “universal language of mankind;” and, it drives me in new directions each day.

So, to the music fans and the guitar lovers; you are the supporters that spur my songwriting endeavors. And when you participate in this limited-time, exclusive crowdfunding project, you officially become a muse that fuels my creativity.

In 1986, my parents honored my creative flair and planted the first seed – they gifted me with an Odessa guitar for my 12th birthday. That evening, dad hunkered down and taught me my first two songs.

For a kid limited by chronic asthma, the Odessa was a godsend. It kept me occupied and nourished new avenues of creative expression. Then I discovered the “Magic Bus” album by The Who and became wholly engrossed in learning to play.

Years later, the Odessa survived my original songwriting efforts; and, it is the instrument that traveled with me to those initial gigs back in the early 90s.

Now, three decades later, I am pulling that old friend back out. And, I am thrilled to introduce an Ode to Odessa, twelve fresh, acoustic-backed tracks, featuring an eclectic mix of original new songs.

This album will be constructed more simply than my previous release, Seventy Lies, as I have committed to using a single guitar and vocal track on each song - just smooth, easy, rich sound from yours truly.

The radical shift in the music industry over the last two decades, and even over the last two months, means that independent musicians like me need to recalibrate. Yet, out of the crumbling ruins, most entertainers are finding ways to adapt and shine.

We “are the music while the music lasts.” And honestly, can you imagine a world without toe-tapping, soul-wrenching, uplifting, emotional, energetic sound?


Me either.

Well, here is what it all comes down to, friends. The freedom to independently make music comes with financial overtones. But that’s good news for you, because it means people like me are sharing more of the process than ever before.

I am going to take my patrons on this musical odyssey from start to finish. Want to help choose the cover artwork, chime in on working titles, get sneak peeks at exclusive clips, and more? Then let’s shake it loose and catch the rhythm of Ode to Odessa.

Your support comes in many forms like dollars and cents. But I also value your input, your social media presence, and the word-of-mouth that introduces new folks to the project.

On the monetary side, you will find some amazing perks, chock full of value, and exciting offers when you choose to contribute to the album at any level. And, I humbly thank you for joining me on this journey.

Take a quick peek at a few of the benefits:

The perk packages start at just $5 and feature a variety of exciting new music,

fabulous merchandise and special experiences.

Plus, you'll SAVE 42-66% on whatever level you choose.

You can check out the complete details on the perk packages by clicking HERE.

The money raised by the campaign is earmarked for album production expenses and promotion. And to be clear, I am not asking for a donation. Instead, I am offering a wide variety of tangible perks that you are purchasing in support of this endeavor. There is everything from the music itself to Rick Barr Music merchandise, private concerts, and more.

One perk I am particularly stoked about is the “Backstage Pass.”

Friends, this is where every exciting thing in my music career is going to find a home - photos, videos, my music library, memories, and so much more!

I cannot possibly begin to explain how epic this virtual backstage pass is going to be. And most importantly? This is my VIP section; and, trust me, you Rowdies are going to love this!!

Ode to Odessa is happening now! I have eight of the twelve tracks written. So, this album is moving forward, no matter what. Plus, I have set a low funding goal on this project just to get it moving and into your hands.

But I am going to unlock some extra rewards if we can meet certain milestones along the way!

Ready to take part in some of these audacious challenges?


When Ode to Odessa is funded at $3,000, I will open up a raffle for the prize package of a Fender guitar and three months of online, self-paced guitar lessons through Fender Play. Perk packages valued at $50 or more automatically include one or more entries; but, we have to meet this goal before the drawing will be held.

At the $5,000 mark, I will upgrade all t-shirts in the perk packages to an exclusive, autographed Ode to Odessa design.

FRESH FACED CHALLENGE When we hit $10,000 in funding, I will likely pass out. Just kidding. But, hey. If you Rowdies want to see me fresh-faced, then this is where it happens! I will shave my mustache and goatee – a throw-back to those early days when the Odessa and I were just getting to know each other. There will likely be photographic evidence as well.

I realize that some people are not able to support the project financially, but I would appreciate your help getting the word out.

These are free, quick, and easy ways to keep the music alive. And, more importantly, it won’t go unnoticed!

  • Indiegogo has easy tools that allow you to share the campaign. Just a quick, painless click. I promise!

  • Visit the Rick Barr – Solo Musician page on Facebook and stay up-to-date with my progress on Ode to Odessa.

  • Share daily on all your social media accounts. Share until your friends cannot help but wonder what the hell you are so excited about. SERIOUSLY! It is BEYOND helpful when you spread your LOVE for this project and shout it from the rooftops. Plus, I appreciate your assistance more than I can explain.

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1 Comment

Michele Dalton
Michele Dalton
Jul 13, 2020

Very excited about your new music, Rick. Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to hear your new songs.

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