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An Odessa Update

I’ve got just a minute before I need to get back in the booth and record the last few songs on my new album, ODE TO ODESSA; but, in the meantime, I need your help with something.

To celebrate the half-way point on the ODE TO ODESSA campaign, I’m going to “unlock” a special upgrade this week. Between the Indiegogo campaign and other outside donations, the project is 56% funded - $840 of $1500.

So, if we can surpass the $1000 mark this week, I’m going to upgrade the T-shirts to something unique – an exclusive design that you will only get by backing this campaign. In fact, I need your help to decide which one it will be . . . what do you think?

Once you cast your vote, make sure you get one of these exclusive ODE TO ODESSA T-shirts by becoming a backer for the project ($50 level and above). You will not be able to get one these limited-edition shirts any other way!

And hey, if you would . . . could you take just a minute and share the project on social media? I’d be very grateful! And, thanks again!

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