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Fringe Benefits

Well, now I've done it. I've opened a can of worms.

Ewww! That's disgusting, right? HA!

Actually, it's pretty cool (worms aside). See, as part of the Ode to Odessa campaign, I've come up with a dozen terrific perk packages for my supporters. And one of those "can't get this anywhere else" kind of things is the custom songwriting benefit.

Got an anniversary coming up? Need an idea for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift? Well, here ya go! I mean, really! No one else is going to have a song written just for them, right?

Want serious brownie points with your girl? This should do the trick. Although that mushy stuff might be worse than the can of worms ;)

Alright, enough crazy. If you are interested in having a custom song created just for you or that special someone, head on over to the Ode to Odessa page on Indiegogo -

And, even if you don't want a song written all about your amazing uncle George, check out some of the other perks. There are great experiences and merchandise included at all the different levels.

And thanks for checking it out! It would be great if you'd click on the "share" button and spread the love.

You guys are the best. You've really "wormed" your way into my heart. =)

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