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Ending Spring with a Bang

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

May 16, 2014 - Rick and Nick rock out "My Generation" at O'Toole's Irish Bar & Grille

It's been incredibly busy the last couple weeks with gigs and open stages, but particularly this past weekend. On Thursday June 12, I performed with Rachel Karryn at Zapata's for a couple hours. We're finding a new chemistry on stage and really clicking, it's been fun.

Friday the 13th, I played at Ten Mile Inn in Galloway. It was a solo three-hour show, and the weather was perfect, so I got to set up outside. The constant roar of motorcycles was an interesting accompaniment, as were the light-hearted threats to make me buy beers for everyone when I tried to stop playing at 10pm. Why quit when things are going well?

Saturday evening, I played a one-hour set at Rule 3 in Pickerington. I was scheduled for 10pm, but they got a late start, so it was closer to 10:40. I had people dancing and making requests, it was a lot of fun. Even better was when Ronni Hunter from 99.7 The Blitz, who was there for an earlier benefit show, was watching me perform and told the owner that she loved what they were doing and she will advertise them on her show for free. The owner was happy with that, and I'll be getting booked some more.

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