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A Holiday Weekend Blitz

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I've continued to stay very busy, playing gigs and open stages. My last gig, Friday the 27th at O'Toole's, was one of the best, with Nick playing bass for several songs. He impressed everybody, both with his talent and his new Hofner-style instrument. It's pretty sharp.

This Friday, July 4 I'll be playing a one-hour set with Rachel Karryn at Rule 3. We played there last Saturday and did fine, though had some technical difficulties early on. Saturday will be a gig at Java Central, where I'm sharing a three-hour set with a trio called String Theory Chaos. I bet them briefly a couple months ago, and they seem very nice. We'll each take turns with two 45-minute sets.

On Sunday, I'll be participating once again in the Songwriter's Showcase, part of the Columbus Songwriter's Association. I played my way into December's finals last month, but still want to get out there with a brand new song that I just composed for my upcoming album. I may compliment that with one of my oldest songs.

I don't have a lot coming up after that, so I really need to get busy scoping out new places and taking part in different events. More to come!

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