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A Break That Isn't a Break

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I've been plenty busy over the last week, playing in gigs and open stages. I played a gig Saturday July 5 at Java Central, a small coffee shop. I shared a three-hour show with a very talented trio called String Theory Trio. It's a much more intimate environment, where people aren't getting boozed up and actually listen to you play. I made some new friends, and had a great time.

I've also continued to perform with my son, Nick. We're really starting to gel on stage, putting together tight performances of songs from the 50s all the way through the 90s. Alas, I have no more gigs scheduled for a while, but the music scene in Columbus is exploding with opportunities. I'll be hitting a couple new open stages next week and filling in on breaks for some good friends on Friday. It's good to stay busy!

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