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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

As this is my first post about voice over work on this site, I may as well use it as an introduction. My name is Rick, married with two grown kids and, I suppose for the purposes of this site, the more important thing to know is that I have a fairly deep voice. Since the age of 15 or so, I’d been told that I should be on radio, or use my voice in some way. I got involved with music in high school, writing and playing out with my friend John. But for as much as I liked playing the guitar, I couldn’t have cared less for performing, and my attempts at singing were always forgettable.

In 2002, at age 27, I started self-producing albums. Again, my voice wasn’t anything to write home about, and most of my family and friends would tell me they really liked my instrumentals. I kept making music, happily, for about 10 years, until I finally got myself on stage at an open MIC. There were a lot of nerves involved, but I quickly fell in love with live performing in a way that I hadn’t back in high school. I slowly built up my courage, playing and singing skills.

In early 2014, someone finally convinced to to play a Johnny Cash song. I did “Folsom”, and I thought it was okay enough, but other folks listening loved it. So, I learned more of his songs and quickly got a reputation for being the “Johnny Cash” guy. In 2014, I played my first solo show, and from that point, things happened relatively quickly. I picked up shows whenever I could, not really great at a three-hour set quite yet, but passable. Several months later, I hosted my first open MIC, fell in love with that, and currently host two weekly events on different sides of town.

In 2016, I started producing “The Music Room With Rick Barr” a radio show on WGRN 94.1FM here in Columbus, Ohio. It’s basically a showcase for local musicians to get their music listened to, but at the same time, finally, I was on the radio. That’s been a good experience, but as we reached 2017, I was working a full-time job as a business analyst, playing shows most weekends, running two open MICs, and a lot more. My passion for the desk job had pretty much been squelched and, with the support of my wife Tamara, I did the unthinkable; quit my job.

It wasn’t anything I’d ever thought I could do but it turned out it was very feasible, and I now find myself making a living with music. At the same time, I’ve embarked on a voice over career, which is why this site exists. As of July, I’m deep into vocal training, and it’s been quite an eye-opening experience. It’s all fine and good for people to say you have a great voice, but completely different to understand how to use it.

So far, I’ve narrated one audio book, have two more on the way, have voiced a TV spot for the Waverly Veteran’s Association in WV, and provide weather reports for nine radio stations across the country, every weekday. It’s exciting, and while I’m still on the ground floor of this new thing, it’s clear there are plenty of opportunities ahead.

So, check out my samples, check me out on Facebook and Twitter, and if you’re looking for voice talent….I’m your guy.

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