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Under My Radar



My third solo album features a variety of themes, and the standard love songs are on hiatus. In fact, there is more disparaging than ever here.




Another biting look at rejection. I guess I needed to cancel out some of the love, because the lyrics for a song like this probably could have easily gone the sappy route. I had originally written everything on guitar, but since I want to explore as many avenues as possible, tried it out on piano, and then, of course, the many ideas of guitars, harmonies, different styles started filling my mind, and it ended up being a very good song. Yet another one where I sing a couple of verses, then simply let the music go. Over time the name of the song has changed to "Go Away."

Flight of the Canyon

The title means absolutely nothing here. I just wanted to use my electric guitar for some nice rock and roll. One of my favorites.

Just to Hang (Around with Me)

There are fewer "love" songs on this album, and for good reason: songs like this pushed them out of the way. It's told from the point of view of a guy who has tired of his girl and is breaking up with her in a harsh way. She needs to pack up and leave now, and he wants nothing more to do with her. From the sounds of it, she may even deserve it, but the exact reasons are left vague.


Little Miss Hero

This one is based on Metroid, the old Nintendo video game, where at the end, it's revealed that the hero is a girl. She kicks ass in this song, and at the end, you get to hear a variation of the actual Metroid theme song. I did this part with my grandma's electric keyboard. The space effects were done with a little Smarties soundmaker that came packaged in a pack of candy that my sister Kelli brought me from her trip to Rome. When I set out to be different, I never know where it will take me. Eventually, this song morphed into a part of my rock opera, "Seventy Lies."

She’s Over It

If you play this and A Better Tomorrow together, they tell a story. In fact, the ending of A Better Tomorrow rolls right into this one. However, we now have the girl's point of view, as she's walking home in the cold from her encounter. Again, reasons and faults are vague, all we see is that as she walks, she is eventually able to hold her head up high. My dad contributed the rhythm guitar here, making it the first time we collaborated on a musical recording.

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