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Softer Than Stones


My first album of original music in four years, each song was culled from demos I had recorded from.


Using a new phaser pedal (which is used in many other songs on this album), the beginning sets the tone, then fades out before coming back in a big way. Four instruments get a showcase in their own verse (banjo, harmonica, electric guitar, and piano), then the big finish. Interestingly, the main riff is done using a 12-string guitar, and the bottom E string provided enough bass that I didn't need to use an actual bass guitar. 



Countryside Arrhythmia

At this point, I hadn't done much with country music, but this comes close enough to the genre. I still can't quite get the hang of the harmonica, though.


A quickie I wrote one week after we got a new kitten. In three verses, I tell the kitten how to handle our bigger cat. It's a bit vague, but a nice tune.



This is a horrible mess, done purposely, for something different. Don't hate me.

If I Would You

It asks a person (multiple times) if they took a look at their life, would they do anything differently. Or something like that. 


Probably the most normal, ready-for-radio songs on the album, this one simply tells the story of a guy who's a big jerk, treats women badly, and probably isn't all that sorry about it in the end. 


Softer Than Stones

The song asks a significant other not to try changing them, that even if they're less than perfect, they are happy enough. 

Stringed Tusk

One of the more unique songs I've ever done, this is centered around keyboards. The piano sound uses a delay pedal, and the phaser pedal is also used. The beginning part fades away to the main song but then comes back as the basis for the second half. 

What You Please

Stream-of-consciousness writing led to some fun combinations, and if you can guess the overall theme, as well as the three references to '60's songs, you win a prize. 

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