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Welcome to Barr26 Entertainment

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Welcome to Barr26 Entertainment! I am Rick Barr, owner, operator, and content creator of all you see here. This is a new web site (as of October, 2018) whose launch coincides with the start of Barr26 Entertainment, LLC - an entertainment and media company that provides a wide variety of services and products. I am a one-stop shop for things like live music performances, voice overs, media production, entertainment management, and a host of other things.

I have been doing a lot of these other things for quite a while but it was evident that nobody really knew about them. So, it was time to put this site together to make it easier for my fans and clients to find me, and take their ideas and projects to the next level. I will be updating this blog regularly with stories about shows, new voice over work, and other happenings.

You can subscribe to the blog on the lower-right section of this and other pages. Spam free!

Here is an overview of the services I offer. I will not cover everything here, but you will find some helpful links. If you have questions, just e-mail me.

I perform in and around Columbus, Ohio regularly. I play a good mix of country and classic rock, everything from the 50s through 90s. Most of my weekend evenings are spent at wineries, breweries, and other cool places that support live music. I also host an open MIC every Monday evening at Stadz Pizzeria in Blacklick, OH, which has been a great way for musicians to come together and share their talents.

I am always available for private parties and events, and will travel pretty much anywhere in Ohio.

I am also a songwriter, and you will hear plenty of originals at my shows. I have produced several albums, and continue to write and produce, as time allows. I am the co-coordinator, along with Diane Gee Frasca, for the Columbus chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), a terrific organization that has been instrumental, particularly this year, in pushing congress to pass new laws that will help songwriters collect a more fair share of royalties for online sales. We also host a monthly meeting, the third Tuesday of each month, at the McConnell Arts Center in Worthington.

I regularly narrate audiobooks and do other work for commercials, news organizations, YouTube promos, message on-hold, and other medium. My audiobooks are available on Audible, and you can find samples and other work in the link above. I am also a regular contributor for the ANews organization in Turkey, providing news bytes on worldwide events as they happen.

I also host and produce a monthly radio show that airs on WGRN 94.1FM in Columbus, and WGRN.ORG called "The Music Room with Rick Barr." I have a different special guest on each episode who share their stories and songs, and provide new music from a wide variety of other artists as well.


This covers everything from photo restoration and audio repair and production to graphic design for banners and flyers. You may have old family photos that haven't stood the test of time, that you would love to get restored. You may be surprised how much can be saved from even the worst kind of damage. The same goes for audio, whether you are a musician that would like to get old demos digitized and cleaned up, or you have other types of audio, or even video you would like to have cleaned up. The link above will take you to a bunch of samples.


As a part of my involvement in the live music scene in Columbus, I have provided booking services for several venues, scouting and hiring live music acts and managing their entertainment budget. I am available to work with your place of business to provide your patrons with a dynamic, fun source of entertainment.

In addition, I can handle your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. We'll work out a precise plan to get your followers and potential customers engaged in creative, fun ways.


There are a lot of fantastic musicians and entertainers out there, and everyone has different goals. If you need help focusing your ideas, learning more about how to capitalize on your strengths, I can help put together a comprehensive plan you can use to move forward.

This may seem a bit removed from the other services but actually, drawing was my first love. My mom is a terrific artist, working with charcoal, pastels, and greeting cards, and I graduated from Fort Hayes with a degree in commercial art. I gravitated toward colored pencil as my go-to medium, and have enjoyed the craft for many years. If you would like some work done for a relative, pet, or anything else, just let me know.

So, that's the summary. Dig into the site, enjoy this blog, and let me know how I can help with your next project!

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