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Too Busy for Pain

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

February 8, 2015 - Performing a new original tune, "Gifted," at the Sonwriter's Showcase presented by the Columbus Songwriter's Association. This song will be on my 2016 album, "Seventy Lies."

I hate to say that I'm doing too much music, but after finally playing a round of golf this morning, my body got really angry with me and forbade me to participate in the Songwriter's Showcase with the Columbus Songwriter's Association. I'm deeply disappointed that I can't make it, but last week completely wore me out.

Tuesday, I hosted the Rockin' With Rick Acoustic Open MIC at the Dolphin Lounge. Wednesday, I hosted the open MIC at O'Toole's Irish Pub & Grille, and Friday I played a show at Porter's Pub (changing its name to The Blue Pickle). I was already beat by Saturday!

This Tuesday, I'll be participating in a cool contest at O'Nelly's Pub where participants get 20 minutes to play songs, and the top four get to move on to a final round. The ultimate winner gets $400 and there are other prizes and drawings for patrons along the way. I'm really excited for this one. Wednesday will be O'Toole's again, and Friday I'll be returning to the Sports Cantina, a place I played last month. I'm going to have a slew of musical guests, my in-laws will be in town, and I cannot wait for this one!

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