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The Ubiquitous Ad Issue

Check out this article, then come back and read.

As much as I might like to hear my own voice on a Metrobus, I have to admit, this would be a bit annoying. We're getting inundated by ads more than ever before. Through television, radio, apps, and now public transportation. Of course, ads have been painted on the sides of buses for decades but once you're inside, what do you want most? More ads, of course.

This likely isn't the case, but companies are being increasingly bold about how they feed you their sales pitches. For example, one particularly annoying trend over the last decade has been in sports broadcasting and reporting. ESPN has sponsors for each of their segments. They used to just talk about the games being played. Now, it's the Old Spice Top Plays of the Week!

Just last year, our local radio affiliate, who broadcasts the Ohio State Buckeyes games, now brand the first and third down plays. When our fine announcer delivers the action, he now has to fit in a sponsor's name, as if my local auto dealer actually had anything to do with the next play. To me, that's been a jarring thing, and actually turns me off listening.

Make no mistake; as a business owner, I fully appreciate the need to advertise. It's essential. If you don't talk about yourself, nobody will ever know about you. But when is it enough? We regularly see the tendrils of this multi-faceted creature reach deeper into our everyday lives. But it happens so subtly, we rarely notice. We simply assimilate a little more.

I'll have more to say about other aspects of this, but the above article caught my eye. You can share this post by clicking one of the links on the right. What are your thoughts?

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