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New Songs, An Idea, & A Photo

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

This past weekend, I played a couple shows at familiar venues. Friday was Caribbean Jerks in Powell, a neat restaurant offering a wide variety of food, and a small stage for us solo musicians to perform on. I hadn't been there for nearly a year. I'd been scheduled last March on my sister's birthday, and had a pretty big show and birthday party planned, including her debuting her ukulele.

But I got sick. A sinus infection, something I tend to get about once a year. I'd never cancelled a show before, but this thing persisted, and I had no choice. It hurt to be responsible like that! So, this past Friday, my sister stopped by with some friends, and I played a bunch of 80s and 90s stuff just for them. And, even better, I scheduled a show there this coming March so we can give that birthday show another try.

Sunday, I was at Hidden Lakes Winery in Canal Winchester, where I play the first Sunday of each month. Along with my mom and several friends, a great group of folks who have officially been dubbed Rick's Rowdies were there. They hail mostly from Lancaster, and I met them through a really good fellow musician friend, Peter Conrad.

They started coming out to my shows, and always have a great time, wherever they are. One of them deemed their group my rowdies, so....I went ahead and had buttons made for them.

It's pretty great to have such cool fans, and of course they've become good friends as well.

I'm continuing to work on other projects, including this photo retouching:

Get more info on the photo work I do right here!

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