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More New Venues

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I've continued to try out new places to play. This past Sunday, I stopped by The Beachcomber at Buckeye Lake. My friend Joe Spino hosts an open stage Sunday nights, and I finally made it out there. A lot of familiar faces were there and the place filled up pretty well. I played a nice set, finally breaking out the Johnny Cash classic, "Folsom Prison Blues", which was well received. Tamara and I had a great time, and we'll certainly be back often.

I had several people inquire about me playing gigs, and I think it's time for me to really take it seriously. That was my plan last year, but it never happened. So, I'm starting to do more rehearsal-type practice, standing at a microphone, playing a full set at a time. It's probably better then simply sitting on the couch messing around. I'll be heading to yet another new venue Wednesday, and Java Central Friday. A busy week!

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