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First Time At The Woodlands

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I got this year started off right, playing an open stage at a new venue, The Woodlands. I'd never been there before, though I have an uncle who's played there with his band a few times. They were very accommodating, the sound was good, and I had an enthusiastic crowd. I met a couple of other musicians, and when I was asked if I had a business card, I remembered that was one of the things I had meant to do as soon as I got this site done. Well, I got the site done yesterday, so it's time. I'll get some cards made. Scraps of paper aren't going to cut it.

I practiced with Rachel Karryn, last night. She's a young lady who has been recording an album in Nashville while she finishes up high school. A fantastic talent, and we've been able to get on stage a few times. We're hoping for more gigs this spring and summer.

Along with that, I'm going to meet with my aforementioned uncle's new band, bringing my bass guitar. They need a bassist, and I just need to play with other musicians, so we'll try it out Friday evening and see if we fit in.

Additionally, I hope to practice with my dad so we can finally get back on stage with our guitars. Sunday, I'll be practicing with Katie and Nick, my 19 and 18 year-old kids, so we can hit the stage at Gatsby's next Wednesday for the first time as a trio.

Damn, it's getting busy. I like it.

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