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Combining Forces

When I last posted, author Michele Pollock Dalton and I had just released for first activity book in our Brain Benders series, "The Flying 40s". Due to some realignment in our partnership, we ended up re-publishing it, along with issue #2, "Games For Number Nerds". Both books are full of fun puzzles and activities, great for all ages.

So, we've been excited about this stuff, and there's plenty more to come. But as we venture further into Barr26 Publishing, LLC, we're finding more opportunities at every corner. For instance, many of you know that I released a new album of music called "Ode To Odessa" (available here for purchase). One of my favorite songs from the album is called "Got To Go". I've been playing it at most of my live shows.

Well, Michele, talented writer that she is, went ahead and wrote the story behind the song! It provides some really nice depth to the lyrics. And, once she did that, I couldn't help myself.....I went ahead and narrated it. It will be available very soon, and we’ll be releasing it during a live cast on August 24th!

In addition to that and other cool stuff, the "publisher" moniker isn't just for show; we are fully equipped and ready to publish works of all types. So, if you have content that you've created and can't figure out the best way to get it out there, send us a note. We'll start a conversation and see what happens!

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Michele Dalton
Michele Dalton
Aug 11, 2021

So many exciting adventures!

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