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Big Bird Retires, 2019 Gets Busy & More

This is a short, but pretty interesting article about the voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. At least, if you grew up watching Sesame Street, which I did. It's amazing, and rare, to find people who have had the opportunity to be the voice of a character for multiple generations. James Earl Jones is another who continues to do occasional work as Darth Vader, and has provided his pipes for the new Lion King movie out this spring.

While I don't have anything like that on the horizon, I did secure three new audio book deals that will keep me busy through February. They're romance titles, so my pseudonym will handle the production of them. The one I'm currently working on is quite risque, more erotica than romance, and definitely requires a different approach in terms of tone and pacing.

I'll have a non-fiction audio book out soon, one that's in the public domain (published in 1914), that I think will be pretty interesting. I'll share more news on that when it's out.

2019 has already been interesting in terms of music. I've had a handful of very fun shows, and have secured a few new venues I'll be at later this spring. I also just scheduled a comeback show at Kindred, a place I'd been at regularly for a couple years. They're restructuring the organization and the bar, and are looking to bring back entertainment, which is fantastic, because it's always been one of my favorites.

I did have to cancel an outing to a retirement home today. Ohio was hit by a pretty significant snowstorm, and after driving home through it from a show last night, it was obvious the roads weren't going to be ready for travel. It's a shame to cancel anything, and I've rarely had to do it.

I'll have more news to share shortly!

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