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A New Look

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Alright folks, we're back on RickBarrMusic with a whole new look. Hopefully this is a design that looks better on mobile devices and behaves nicer in general. Give me a shout if you see anything that you think needs fixing.

2014 ended strong, with me playing several more shows. I participated in the CSA Finale Showcase in December with a bunch of other talented musicians. I didn't advance to the second round, but got to play "Pittsville Blues" in front of 300 or more people, and that was a thrill.

2015 has been busier than I'd expected. I've been playing somewhat regular gigs at a retirement community in Pickerington, which is very rewarding and different than the bar scene. I also played Java Central again with String Theory, and we packed the place for the third straight time.

I've also started hosting the open MIC at O'Toole's Irish Pub & Grill on the west side of Columbus. Last summer, I would have totally balked at such an audacious idea, but now I'm loving it. Bringing musicians together to play and share their craft is a really cool thing. We're trying to do this weekly and will see if we can get some traction, but these arctic weather conditions are hampering us a bit (along with others, I'm sure).

I'll be updating this more often so check back, and enjoy the site!

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