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A Gig & a Showcase

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I had a pretty busy weekend, Friday playing with Rachel Karryn at Rule 3 and Sunday, participating in the Songwriter's Showcase at King Avenue Five as part of the Columbus Songwriter's Association. The gig with Rachel was interesting, as we played outside in rather chilly weather. For some reason, the sound wasn't mixing well, and it was nearly impossible to hear my fact, folks in the audience had trouble hearing it as well. Of course, for these gigs, I'm simply there to support Rachel, so it's not like I need to showcase myself, but it does help the overall performance if all instruments are audible!

The Songwriter's Showcase was fantastic. Each songwriter got to play two songs and we were put into groups of three, playing in round-robin fashion. There were 12 of us in all, and there were comment cards for listeners to fill out. I ended up with 26 cards to review, and got a lot of extremely positive things said about "Pittsville Blues", which is becoming a favorite. That was a unique experience, and the event is held once a month, so I plan on being back often.

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