In 1986, my parents honored my creative flair and planted the first seed – they gifted me with an Odessa guitar for my 12th birthday. 


For a kid limited by chronic asthma, the Odessa was a godsend. It kept me occupied and nourished new avenues of creative expression. 


Now, three decades later, I am pulling that old friend back out. And, I am thrilled to introduce an Ode to Odessa, twelve fresh, acoustic-backed tracks, featuring an eclectic mix of original new songs.

And, with the album, I'm introducing twelve equally as awesome perk packages to my backers. Your financial support of the project is invaluable and I thank you for checking out everything Odessa has to offer.

Perk packages

When you select a perk package, your contribution entitles you to some fabulous Rick Barr merchandise and awesome experiences. But, this is not like traditional shopping, as your "Perks" will not be shipped until after the Ode to Odessa launch in October 2020. You can get more information on the fundraising campaign and updates on the project by visiting the Indiegogo Campaign. And, thanks again for your enthusiastic support of my new music!

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