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No Progression


Something a little more simple than my previous albums. 



10 Miles Over (Live)

My song from the Take It Away album played at my first open stage since 1992.

96 Years

Why 96? Because the main riff was first recorded way back in 1996 on a cassette. It languished for years while I wrote dozens of more songs. I was finally able to do something with it in 2012, and it was worth the wait.

All Right

A bit of old-time blues, as if played in a juke joint. This isn't a live recording, but I took some liberties by implanting crowd noise and giving it a live feel. The slide guitar was key here, and the lyrics, while a bit raunchy, are entertaining.

Finally Trois

This was something I had played around with for close to a decade, but it took a while to figure it out how to make it worthy of a full song. It stays fairly mellow throughout, but I managed to keep it interesting.

Old Willie and the Hellbound Train

This is an old J.R. Comics song from 1992, co-written by John Biggs. He was writing pretty interesting stuff even back in high school, and this is a good little story. I recorded it in 2012 and was pleased with the result, though John would have been better on harmonica.


Using a new Martin acoustic I had just purchased, I played each track one string at a time. There is not a strum to be found, hence the name of the song.

Pittsville Blues

Written by myself and John Biggs in Brooklyn, this is as simple as they get, but has been very popular when I play it live. It's the blues, but it won't make you sad.


When I’m Gone

My daughter helped with vocal harmonies here. This has a country feel, but there are other elements as well.

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