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J.R. Comics


Songs I've done with my friend and collaborator, John Biggs. J.R. Comics is the name we have used for over 25 years.



20 Ounce American Beer

A good old country tune, fast-paced. This is about a country boy treating an international girl to a night on the town.

All This Motion

Created in a few hours in New York City. This may be a little rough around the edges, but it was good to get away from banal acoustic guitar riffs that do nothing for the soul. We even got a music video out of it.

Dancin’ On the Moon

Recorded at an actual studio in 1992 when we were 17, John and I performed this classic original pretty well. I think the guy who ran the studio did some kind of cowbell somewhere.

Justin Climbed a Tree

J.R. Comics' first-ever song, recorded in a professional studio. We would usually start and end our shows with it. This is a pretty good rendition of it, considering we were still just 17. For the 20th anniversary of the song, I re-recorded it for "Softer Than Stones". 


Bright Lights

Recorded in NYC, we were sampling some new guitar equipment. John put up a drum beat and told me to play to it just to see if we were recording properly. I played the riff you hear on this song, and it was good enough for us.

King of the Keys

John and I spent an afternoon with musical instruments and in just a few hours comes this pleasant little song.


Vampire Lover

Who doesn't love vampires? Perhaps those who don't enjoy being undead. Otherwise, it's quite fine.

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