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Welcome to Barr26 Entertainment! I am Rick Barr, owner, operator, and content creator of all you see here. This is a new web site (as of October, 2018) whose launch coincides with the start of Barr26 Entertainment, LLC - an entertainment and media company that provides a wide variety of services and products. I am a one-stop shop for things like live music performances, voice overs, media production, entertainment management, and a host of other things. I have been doing a lot of these other things for quite a while but it was evident that nobody really knew about them. So, it was time to put this site together to make it easier for my fans and clients to find me, and take their ideas an

BARR26 Entertainment, LLC

449 Hances Drive,  Blacklick, OH 43004



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Solo Musician, Voice Professional, Portrait Artist, Narrator, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter, Live Music Performance, Graphic Designer, Photo Restoration, Audio Restoration, Columbus Ohio